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Our privacy policy is to protect and safeguard privacy and confidential information relating to our users, visitors, members and sponsors.

SKED does not collect any unnecessary information, nor distribute the information externally without the user’s knowledge or consent, nor collect any information without the user’s knowledge or consent.

At your request, SKED sends regular event notifications.

SKED attempts to store information as securely as possible and does not allow access to this information by external parties unless required by law.

SKED Management who operate the website, or have access to any user information related to it, are subject to the Australian Privacy Act 1988.

We post all our events photos and videos on our Facebook page, Instagram and in Website. Please let us know if anyone have any objection.



This site is built, published and maintained on voluntary basis. It is part of SKED Association Inc. activities that are non profit, religious. If any individual or organisation has any objection to any part of this site, kindly contact us, so we can take prompt action. Other than this, the association and the webmaster claim indemnity to any legal action. Unauthorised copying or reproduction from this site is prohibited.

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