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Spiritual Journey
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"Matcha Cha Parvati Devi Pitaadevo Maheshvara: Baandhavh Shiva Bhaktaacha, Svadesho Bhuvanatrayam" Meaning: Goddess Paravati is the mother and the divine father is Shiva.The devotees are the children.The world is the creationof this divine beings and we live on the land of such celestial beings.

Welcome to Sri Kamakshi
Ekambareswara Dhaam

Sri:This word is a title for the deity generally in the female form.
Kamakshi: means Goddess Lakshmi or Parvati, in the Hindu pantheon, the "names" of the deities are more descriptions than names. Tripura Sundari, like many of the forms of the supreme, has 1000 names assigned to her and these can be found in the Lalitha sahasranama text. One of the names in this text is "Kamakshi" which means "She whose eyes awaken desire, or She who has beautiful eyes”. The word Kamakshi could also be split as 'ka' 'ma' and 'akshi' . Where 'akshi' in Sanskrit means eyes, the letter ka denotes goddess Kali Parvati and 'ma' denotes goddess Matangi which is also Parvati. Thus Kamakshi is Parvati and it is enough if she merely glances at her devotees, not even lifting her hand in benediction, the devotee is sure to receive all that he prays for.

Ekambameswara: is represented by the lingam, with his idol referred to as Prithvi lingam. It is significant to the Hindu sect of Saivism as one of the temples associated with the five elements, the Pancha Bhoota Stalas, and specifically the element of earth, or Prithvi. Shiva is worshiped as Ekambareswarar.

Dhaam: Dhaam is a place to worship or abode of the gods including Lord Shiva.

sai Grandhi(Raj) & Geetha Grandhi

Sri Kamakshi Ekambareswara Dhaam purchased property on 27th November 2023(Karthika Pournami day) at 19-23 Belvedere Drive park Park ridge 4125 QLD

Will commence Shivashakti prayers around middle of next year 2024.

Our Core Vision

Sri Kamakshi Ekambareswara Dhaam temple
To build a Hindu temple in Brisbane dedicated to Lord Shiva, based on Hindu traditions and Sanatana Dharma. The temple will be a place of worship for all, and will facilitate the practice of all aspects of the Shiva Puranam, Kanchi Parmacharaya’s principles, and to promote Hindu philosophy, ethics and values, for the benefit of the community.

Homa Gundam
To build Homa Gundams (or sacred pits) to perform holy sacred yagnas such as Sudarshana Homam, Chandi Homam and many others.

To grow Bilva trees and Garuda Vardhana and Dadura flowering plants, and many more.

Meditation and Self Realization Yoga classes
To host and teach meditation and self-realisation Yoga classes to awaken ones Kundalini and activate their Chakras.

Teaching and Education
- For one’s enlightenment, to teach more about Vedic scriptures, Puranas, and to spread the knowledge.
- Weekend classes for kids and teenagers to teach the importance of Hindu culture, traditions, and to teach about spirituality to help their overall development in all aspects of their lives(in future).

Hold regular satsangs and chanting sessions on auspicious days and festivals(in future).


A sanctuary for cows, to provide an opportunity for all devotees to offer prayers and feed the Gomatha(in future).

Community Hall

For Weddings, Special occasions, family events or any event to celebrate at minimal cost for the community(in future).


Provide fresh food for less prices and on auspicious days provide free food for the local community(in future).


Spiritual, Yoga & Veda books will be available for the public for gaining spiritual knowledge(in future).


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Welcome toSri Kamakshi Ekambareswara Dhaam(SKED)

Take a part in the spiritual journey.

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