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Yoga means merging of self-consciousness with supreme-consciousness or Shakti with Shiva. Self-Realisation Kundalini Yoga is aimed to make the people to activate the most potential energy embedded in every body and realise the true self of who we really are. This energy is called Kundalini or Shakti and it is in dormant state in most of the people. This energy is residing at Mooladhara chakra (base of the spine). Once Kundalini is activated, this energy travels through other chakras named Svadhistana (Procreation), Manipura (Naval), Anahata (Heart), Vishudhi (Throat) and Agna (Third eye) along the spine to reach Sahasrara (Top of the head) and make oneself realise that we are neither the body not mind but the consciousness. This energy can be used to improve physical and mental health and enjoy the spiritual benefits like sidhis (yogic powers) and experience out of body, neat death, astral travel etc and ultimately realise that we are nothing but the supreme consciousness.

Fortunately, Raju Grandhi got this yogic knowledge from his engineering batchmate Suresh Ambati in 2020. My kundalini got activated within couple of months from the day I started learning kundalini yoga from him. And shocked to learn that my physical capacity got increased from my usual capacity of 20 push-ups to 120 push-ups. I am continuing with my yoga practice to activate and open the sushumna nadi (main channel to activate and open the chakras).

Guru Ambati has been practicing kundalini yoga from 8 years and he got the glimpses of self-consciousness through out of body and near death experiences. He learnt yoga from multiple yoga institutes like Art of Living, Isha foundation and gurus like Yogananda Bharathi (Kundalini yogi), Sri M (Kriya yogi) and few other gurus. By profession, he is software project manager worked in companies like Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys. Worked with fortune 500 clients in USA and Australia. Now, he would like to spread the yoga knowledge he customized to awaken Kundalini faster and make the people realise the great benefits of this powerful energy

Guru Ambati and SKED organizing online classes to spread this wonderful knowledge to seekers of Kundalini Yoga. Group of 10 people can get together and request SKED to organize for free online class.

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