SANKALPAM(GOTRA) $51 Recite your Gotra Namallu in one Rudra Abhishekam event
BILVA ARCHANA $151 Bilvarchana is a potent ritual for propitiating Lord Shiva, the destroyer of negative energies. Bilvaarchana is performed by chanting the many names of Lord Shiva. Each repetition is accompanied by the symbolic offering of a bilvapatra, a medicinal leaf that is considered dear to the Lord.
RUDRA ABHISHEKAM $300 It helps one wash away all their sins and bad karma from their life. Rudrabhishekam pooja helps in the removal of negativities and gives protection in life. Rudrabhishekam pooja helps in getting rid of the negative effects of the moon and having a strong mind, good health, harmony, and wealth. It also helps from the Bad effects of Shani Graha.
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